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What flower (or flowers) goes well with calla lilies?

I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding. I know FOR SURE that I want my bouquet to be calla lilies. I would also this to flow throughout my entire bridal party… bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen, parents, etc. and reception… table arrangements and so on. But I think it would be a little blah to have JUST calla lilies. The problem is what goes with the simple elegance of a calla lily? My wedding is going to have that feel- simple elegance. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have links to pictures of table arrangements and such that include calla lilies and another flower I would love that as well! Thanks!

What flower (or flowers) goes well with calla lilies?
What about just adding some roses. Or something that hangs like lilacs or purple statice depending on what your accent color is.

Or you could have a bouquet of different colored one on each table. All red at one table, orange, yellow, etc. It would add color without loosing the elegance.

There are a couple examples here:

Beautiful flowers!
Reply:My daughter chose calla lilies for her bouquet. Just a simple arrangement. The bridesmaids carried bouquets of miniature calla lilies and the boutonniers were miniature calla lilies. It was all lovely. I personally don't like mixing other flowers with calla lilies because they are so elegant and make a tasteful, but bold, statement on their own. For centerpieces, you can try an entirely different, though equally dramatic flower -- white orchids. Just a few in a tall vase are beautiful, very different, and not as costly as you might think.
Reply:Wow, there are so many options when it comes to calla lilies. I'm advise you to take a look around the Internet to get some ideas of what you really like, and/or talk to your florist for more ideas and pictures (they should have thousands of pictures for you to look at). Here are my suggestions:

1. Calla lilies, roses, and some other filler such as stock, queen anne's lace, freesia (a very nice, good smelling wedding flower) You can see some flower types off of

2. Calla lilies alone look fabulous with some leaf detailing. Use apidistra leaves for that bold sophisticated look.

3. Calla lilies look great with tulips. They look better together then with roses. Perhaps you can have the guys where tulip boutonnieres. Tall calla lilies for the reception arrangments would look very elegant.

Try looking for place like or for some more photos. If you go to and type in "wedding flowers". You're sure to find many ideas. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
Reply:How about another tropical flower like proteas or cymbidian (I'm not sure of the spelling.) orchid? They are quite durable and come in many colors that would be compatible with calla lilies. Or, you may want your bridesmades to wear haku (head) leis with a variety of small colorful flowers.
Reply:I am fond of ivy. I think you might be fine with just a few long trailing greens like that to set off the whiteness.
Reply:Gerber daises and maybe white carnations
Reply:I had Calla Lillies at my wedding and they were beautiful with Roses. I had them flowing throughout my WHOLE wedding party, on tables, ect... Since they were white and my girls dresses where a royal blue, of course, I had red roses. I hope this helps....I think they are the most beautiful flower out there...Just in my opnion..:)

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